Dale Ischia
BAppSci (PE), Grad Dip (Ex Rehab)
Exercise Physiologist
Personal Profile: 

I am one of the most experienced Exercise Physiologists consulting in Melbourne, with over 19 years experience.

The field of Exercise-Oncology is a passion for me as it allows me to draw on my vast experience in musculoskeletal conditions, balance disorders, chronic fatigue and pain management and draw on my skills in exercise prescription, education, massage and creating a reassuring environment.

My qualifications include: Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education, Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation, Diploma in Remedial Massage and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer.

I recently returned from a two year further education experience in Vancouver, where I was involved in research at the Vancouver Prostate Centre in Canada and worked with many clients undergoing or recovering from various cancers and treatments. Here I authored a number of articles advocating the benefits of exercise in cancer treatment published on the Inspire Health website and in the reputable Alive magazine in Canada.

Regularly being called upon to present current information in exercise and cancer to various support groups, including the cancer council of Australia, I remain constantly up to date in the latest research finding in the field of Exercise Oncology. I apply these research findings to my clinical practice to ensure all patients are given the best information and advice.