Sophie Skalkos
B.Nutr& Diet. APD, AN., Grad Cert. Diab. Ed., B.Sc (HlthFam&Cns SC)
Personal Profile: 

I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Diabetes Educator and a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia. I am also part of a Multidisciplinary team offering a holistic approach to help patients achieve better health outcomes.   I qualified with a Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics, and Graduate Diploma Diabetes Education from Deakin University.

My special interest is Nutrition Support in Oncology for improved nutritional status and stabilisation of body weight.

Nutrition Support in Oncology is focused on assisting cancer patients to optimise their intake, taking into account parameters and limitations associated with treatment including anorexia, poor dietary intake, fatigue, early satiety, taste changes, undesirable weight changes, significant weight loss/muscle wastage as well as onset Diabetes secondary to treatment.

My approach in establishing goals with patients includes taking into account individual food likes and dislikes, misinformation, unnecessary self-reduction of food groups, megadose micronutrient supplementation and alternative/complimentary therapies. All these issues are considered and addressed within the patients work and family setting for improved nutritional status and stabilisation of body weight.

In light of widespread interest in nutrition by patients with Cancer and their carers, the use of clinical practice guidelines for the nutritional management of cancer cachexia and regular nutritional intervention can improve clinical outcomes.

Most Australian Health Funds have levels of cover that give a rebate for visits to private practice accredited Practicing Dietitians. Patients may also get a rebate the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) primary care items for a chronic health condition.